how to make categories in blogspot and write article (Part 3)

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How to make categories in blogspot

How to make categories in blogspot

     When you open the Dashboard of your blog, you'll notice that there are two options available in the left list to write an article, either by choosing post or page. You can write an article as a post by clicking on new post or as a page by clicking on new page. What is the difference between two options and when do we have to use each of them? To determine that you should know if you want to write several articles related to a particular topic, in other words articles that need to be classified under a certain name; for example if you want to write several articles about cooking then choosing post option is the best in this case. Post option provides you with a tool called label; Label tool is used to classify several articles under certain names or Labels (for more explanations see below and Fig. 2). In contrast, you can use page option to write articles which do not need any classification or appearance in the news feed of the site, such as writing a page about privacy policy, about us or contact us; the presence of these pages are needed to get Google adsense approval.

How to categorize blog posts in blogger?

To write articles and classify them using Post option do the following:

1)   After opening the Dashboard of the blog, Press on new post to write a new article, as you can see in the image below (Fig.1 and Fig.2).

How to make categories in blogspot
(Fig. 1)

    Write an appropriate title that describes the content (see fig. 2 below). to improve ranking of your website in search engines, one of the SEO tips is by including keywords in the title. After that, enter the content of the article such as pictures and paragraphs to describe the basic idea of ​​an article. As you can see in the picture below, there are labels option which is used to classify all the articles of your web site. Labels, where you enter the term connects all the articles that talk about the same subject; for example (Fig.2)  Label baby clothes was used to link all the articles that talk about the subject of children's clothing.

     You can also re-use labels that have been previously used in the description of the previous articles just by clicking on it (Fig. 2); for example, you can click on the label of coffee types, to appear inside the labels box, to link this article with previous articles of the same blog and classified under label coffee types.

    Finally, select either update for re-publication of the article to find it in the search engines or you can click on the option revert to draft to save articles without revealing in the website and thus in the search engines (Fig. 2)↓↓↓↓.

how to create categories in blogger
(Fig. 2)

 2) As shown in the following picture (Fig. 3), you can edit the articles without entering inside them. From the dashboard, press on Post; a list of all articles of the blog will appear where you can edit these articles (as you can see in Fig. 3). Now you can edit articles by classifying them within certain labels or republishing the draft one or converting the published articles into a draft forms or deleting the unwanted articles. You can do all these steps only by pressing on the small box next to the title of the wanted article, a true mark appears next to that article and then choose the appropriate command (see the following picture).

how to categorize blog posts in blogger
(Fig. 3)

    I hope that this article was helpful. If there is any inquiry, please write it in the comments below. In the following article we will talk about how to link the categories (Labels) with the Header.


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