setting up a gmail account for blogging

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create a email account gmail

Create a email account gmail


    Many of us aspire to develop himself by learning several methods to improve the level of his performance and work. One of the methods that can not be dispensed with is the adaptation of technology to enable us to share our thoughts with others. You can create your website to share your thoughts or promote your business as well as to find a source of income which can be achieved by several ways such as submitting your published website to google adsense or other ads networks. 

    The first step needed to set up your website using blogger is to create a email account gmail. Gmail account is the key that enable you to use google services. All you need to do is setting up your Gmail account by following these steps:


How to create email address at gmail:

   Visit google search page by typing From the main page of google choose Gmail as you can see in the following picture. 

create unique email address gmail

     In the next step press on create account (below sign in box) to set up your new account. The following picture will appear; start to insert your information. 

create unique email address gmail

    As you can see in the previous picture, one of the steps needed to create unique email address gmail is by inserting your personal information. Insert your first and last name. Next, choose the appropriate name for your gmail address. It is recommended to choose the brand name of your business or your company name. Write new password for your gmail account and repeat it for confirmation. Insert your birthday, your gender as a female or male and your mobile number. In choice, Your current email address, you can provide google with an alternative email address to keep your account secure; such as helping you in case of forgetting the password of the newly installed account. choose your exact location. Finally, press on Next Step.

create unique email address gmail

     Read Privacy and Terms rules by scrolling down until you reach the end then press on I Agree. In the next page press on Continue to Blogger to install your personal profile.

create unique email address gmail
create additional email address gmail


      You have now two options, you can install your personal profile to let your readers to distinguish your identity either by creating your profile just for blogger or creating your Google + profile to let the readers to read and share your website content on Google + and thus getting more traffic to your web page. by ending this step, now you have your own blog and you can start setting up your website using blogger.

create a email account gmail

  Ultimately, I hope that this article was helpful. If you have any question please don't hesitate to ask, you can right your queries in the comments below. Next article is going to describe how to install your website using blogger.

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