make money online with google 2017 (Part 5)

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make money online with google 2017 (Part 5)

How to make money with google Adsense 2017

    One of the ways of how to make money online today for free is to make money with google adsense. Google adsense provides users with regular income from any walk of life without any cost.  It provides Publishers with pay per click program that is easily used for multiple web sites.

How to get adsense account approval fast

  one of the queries that publishers can ask to make money with google adsense is how to get adsense account approval fast. Actually, there are manrules for applying google adsense. Here are some rules that bloggers should follow to make money online through website while writing their blog.

1) Web site having acceptable and sufficient content

      your web site should not contain a poorly written content or a content with a lot of grammatical mistakes. In addition to that, the article should contain a full text with a complete paragraphs that explain the idea instead of just using pictures and videos.

Remember that your articles should be written with your own words; any copy and base texts will be denied by google adsense.

    The following picture shows some contraventions that i made when i applied for google adsense  😞😞😞😞

make money online today for free

    Google adsense also reject niches that are saturated, such as making money, marketing sites and SEO stuff.

     Make sure that your web site is easy to use especially by having internal links, long enough to be informative and have a proper heading.

Make your article to be easily scanned:

  •  Containing short paragraphs up to 5 sentences.

  • Use Bullet pointed lists.

  • Use heading, subheadings and minor headings  to make your main ideas very clear.

  •  Use pictures and videos for more explanations.

  • Use Bold and Italic effects to highlight main points. 

  • Use font 16 at least as a standard so the words become more readable. 

 when published 20 posts at least, you can start applying to google adsense.

2) Blogging with a professional theme

    The most attractive thing for readers in their first visit to your blog is the design of your site. Installing a theme to your blog is an easy process. There are plenty of free themes for blogger available on google; you have to spend some time in browsing these themes to find the appropriate design for your site.

     For a serious business plan and presence in search engines, Premium themes are recommended then. Premium themes are characterized by free update, more secure and more customization can find cheap templates with high quality, all what you need is just spending more time on searching.😉😉


3) your age is more than 18+

      Google adsense refuses applications when age is less than 18 years old; So be accurate about your real age and it should be more than 18 years old. 😊😊😊

4) Contact us, about us and Privacy policy presence

     These elements are required in any blog before applying for google adsense. These pages will give google adsense an impression that you are caring about your customers, being clear about your content and services, trying to be familiar with visitors and providing them with useful content by direct communication through contact us page.

     you can create a privacy policy for your blog by writing it by your own words or using any Privacy Policy generator which is more preferred; you can find them by searching google and they are free.

5)  Don't use other ads networks

     There are many ads networks the publishers can use to to make money online today for free; such as revenue hits and Once you want to apply for google adsense, you have to delete  any advertising codes of the other ads networks.

    Finally, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask and its our pleasure to see your impressions about this article in the comments below.
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