Bluehost the best hosting websites for small business of 2017

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The best hosting websites for small business of 2017

Choosing the top website hosting for Wordpress Platform  

 There are many hosting companies provide hosting services to their clients and the best hosting websites for small business are   Bluehost and Hostgator. Both two companies provide Hosting Services to their clients. We will compare the advantages of each, so you can decide which web hosting is best for you Bluehost or Host gator.

Comparison to decide which is The best hosting websites for small business:


Main Feature


7.96 $

Since Bluehost does not offer monthly payment service, they offer a single payment in advance before the annual subscription, approximately 6.95$/month price. So, the comparison is based on the annual payment between the two services. Hostgator offers monthly payment service for one year, about $ 7.96 / month.

6.95 $


Subscription cost for Bluehost, after discount, is 5.95$ / mo includes the value of the domain.  While Host gator subscription cost, after discount, is $ 5.95 / mo in addition to the cost of buying a domain, about 12.95 $.



Free Domain

Bluehost gives you a free domain registration service if the payment was for a year or two. While Hostgator doesn't provide their customers with this offer.



Number of Domains

Each domain is used to set up a web page. The greater the number of domains that are hosted, the more the number of sites that are being built. Bluehost and Hostgator provide an infinite number of domains using the same account.


3.431 s

Page Load – First View

 It is calculated by the length of time that is needed by server to upload site during the user's first visit. The longest time needed for uploading was observed by Hostgator because there is no data is stored in the cached memory of user's browser.

2.378 s

1.883 s

Page Load – Repeat View

This means the time needed by the server for uploading the page a second time. The time duration for the repeat view should be shorter than that of the first view because the data has already been cached by the user's browser during the first visit

1.206 s



Bluehost and Hostgator provide CPanel service for controlling the hosted web page. Both companies provide the same services such as installing wordpress with one click.


Best wordpress hosting of 2017

     Finally, when we review official WordPress website, we will find that Bluehost is one of four companies recommended for hosting. Thus, the Hostgator is not a favorite hosting for WordPress. This supports  Bluehost to be the best host provider of 2017. best hosting websites for small business of 2017 The best hosting websites for small business of 2017

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