How to upload a template on blogger (Part 2)

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How to upload a template on blogger

How to upload a template on blogger

   Hello everyone, in this article we will talk about how to upload a template on blogger. There are many free blogger templates with beautiful and attractive features compatible with the subject that you want to publish. In addition to that, there are a huge number of Premium templates that are sold with a cheap price. Premium templates are characterized by having a lot of features than free templates; they can be modified and be more securing than free templates. For serious projects and businesses that want to reach the highest ranking positions among other website's competitors, we recommend you to buy a premium template. All you need is to make an effort and extra time in searching until you find the most appropriate template which is compatible with the subject of your blog. 

Steps of uploading a custom template on blogger:

    Each template has two options, either download theme to save the template or Live demo to view it before saving to make sure if it is convenient before loading (See Fig. 1). In the next step, you have to save the appropriate template which is convenient with your site's content; it will be saved in the form of a compressed file.

 How to upload a template on blogger
Fig. 1

3)  Now you have to decompress template files after saving them to a computer, put the cursor on the compressed file, press Right Click of the mouse and select Extract here, thus all the compressed files will be extracted. See the following figure (See Fig. 2).

how to upload custom template to blogger
Fig. 2

4) For uploading a template of a new Blog, please open the dashboard of that blog, select theme option from the Dashboard, the following screen will show up (as you can see in the following image). Now click on the option backup/ restore.

How to upload a template on blogger


5)   After pressing on Backup / Restore, the following box will show up ↓↓, click on Browse button to choose the template file with XML extension as you can see in the following picture. After choosing the template file Press Load to upload the template and installing it on your new blog.
 How to upload a template on blogger
6)     Click on view blog; you can now display your website with the new template (see the next figure). Remember always that the most attractive factor for the visitors in their first visit is the shape of your web site; make sure to choose a unique, attractive, mobile friendly and responsive template.

     Finally, you have learned how to upload and install a template with ease. In the next article we will talk about  how to write articles and classify them. if you have any queries about this article please don't hesitate to mention them in the comments below, these discussions can be useful for the others.👌👌👌

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