How to make extra money from home for free 2017

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     In the beginning, I am glad you are in here to learn how to employ your skills and knowledge to share them with others. This Sharing is in an innovative and unique way to keep abreast of current developments of our time. You will learn skills that give you money, and let you to communicate with others. This site is for those who master the cooking, handicrafts, drawing, writing poetry and essays, or have sufficient experience in various fields of sciences, you cannot find the appropriate way to exploit these talents and energies, and employ them in the reality of working life. You will learn in this site how to adapt these capabilities to enter the world of the Internet and communicate with a broader spectrum of people. You will learn here simple jobs online for money gain. Simply, home based business.

     You will learn how to open the gate to reach the others and how to make money online; this portal is your website. In this Website, we will learn the ways of creation of a new website, some free and others may cost you some money. For a start, you should know that there are tools that are most commonly used to set up your website, either by using the Blogger or Wordpress. You must know all the features of blogger and Wordpress to decide which is best suited to you.

     Blogger site is privately owned by Google, you can set up a blog by just creating a Gmail account. This blog is free and does not require any host . To build a professional blog, all you need is to buy a domain and link it to the blog. Buy a domain will cost a little money. Keep in mind, if the contents of your blog contradicted    Google rules, Google will prevent you from publishing your blog. In fact, to establish your blog, you need to know a little about coding. I have encountered a lot of difficulties to learn how to set up a blog, especially because I do not know anything about programming. By following this site you will learn ways to set up blog with ease. Add to this, you will need a little effort to find the most appropriate free template to create your blog.

    To build a website using wordpress, you will need to sign up with hosting companies to save your information on the servers. Hosting companies provide you with enough space to store your information; In addition to free Domain and professional email. To create your website, Wordpress gives you easy tools to deal with, called the Plugins. Therefore, using wordpress platform is more easier than using blogger in building a web site. Using Wordpress does not need to learn anything about coding, which are the most important features of Wordpress.

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