How to remove template name from blogger (Part 6)

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how to remove template name from blogger

Removing Footer credit from blogger template


    In previous articles, we talked about the importance of using blogger templates as a tool to install web sites for non programmers. Also we talked about some steps needed in installing that web site such as choosing an appropriate domain for your blog, uploading a template, writing articles, categorizing them using labels and linking these Labels with the header and more. 

    One of the important issues related to uploading a template to your blog is that you have to make sure to choose responsive template to your web site's content, a mobile friendly template is preferred to be uploaded by smart phones and SEO friendly templates are the best choice for your blog. Blogger templates that are available on searching engines are either free templates or premium templates. Premium templates are characterized by being free of containing any copyright links and some of them can be sold with a low prices. While free templates, which are useful, have one disadvantage which is containing copyright links in the footer and in the header also sometimes.


   In this article we will show you how to remove template name from blogger:


  how to edit attribution in blogger


 1) open the Dashboard of the wanted blog.

2) choose Theme from the dashboard.

3) choose HTML edit.

4) point your cursor in any place in side the code box, left click then press Ctrl + F.

5) write in the search box mycontent.

6)  If you find in the copyright code word (footer) do the following:


  •  Search for the code  //<![CDATA[ in the code box.

    • shade the code from   //<![CDATA[  to  //]]>    and delete this code. the following figure is an example for the meant code.



    • don't delete the next code.
    •  Now search for the word my content and replace it with Remove credit link.
    • Replace the name of the owner with other words that are much convenient with your blog content.
    • Save the changes.


       I wish that these steps were useful in deleting the copyright links of the wanted free template. If you have encountered any  problem in removing the copyrights please communicate with us through Contact Us to help you.